RefXchange™ is the first managed marketplace for sports officiating. Changing how games connect with sports officials forever. Never cancel a game due to an official shortage again. Never struggle to find games to work. RefXchange™ gives you control.


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What is the RefXchange?

RefXchange™ is the first managed marketplace for sports officials. Connecting games to officials faster & easier than ever before.

RefXchange™ automates the sports officiating process so administrators can take care of other important items and officials gain more control over their careers.

Need Officials - RefXchange™ lets you post games instantly, get qualified, certified, experienced officials working your games immediately. Top-class onboarding, direct deposits, and 1099 compliance.

Need Games to Officiate - RefXchange™ lets you work where you want, when you want, how often you want. It gives you control of your officiating career like never before.

All payments handled through Silbo - direct deposit, 1099 compliant.

Instantly notified of any changes to a schedule through the app.

Access to a larger pool of officials & games. Games are filled 20x faster.

Consistent payment & 100% transparency & digital tracking for your games.



The RefXchange™ allows league, club and tournament operators to automate every aspect of their officiating crews, from scheduling to payment. The RefXchange™ handles it all.

Manage your Games

Through the Silbo web portal, admins can easily manage their games on the RefXchange™ marketplace. Any changes will instantly notify officials.

Silbo manages payments

Through the RefXchange™ platform, all officials bill automatically at the completion of a game. Payment is handled through Silbo, removing the need for you to pay officials.


Get real time feedback on games & locations like never before from officials. Helping you to elevate the level of enjoyment at all of your games.

1099 compliant

Managing officials is taken care of digitally and with a clear record. No more 1099s or hassles with multiple officiating sources. Silbo is your centralized solution.


The RefXchange™ puts you in control. Work where you want, when you want, how often you want!
RefXchange™ allows you to work more games, have more flexibility & never before seen control over your career.

Control your schedule

Work when & where you want. You choose 100% of the games you work on the RefXchange™.

Consistent Payment

Payment is sent on a consistent basis weekly. Earn 100% of what you see in the app.

Access to more games

Silbo works with numerous leagues & sports. Work more games, in more varied locations than ever before. The choice is yours.

Digital Resume

Silbo allows you access to every game you work, if you move locations, take time off. Pick right up where you left off with Silbo.


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