Silbo Steps: How it works



Game Providers Post Games

Through the Silbo web portal, league, club and tournament admins easily upload and manage their games on the RefXchange™ marketplace.


Silbo Officials select games

Referees use the Silbo mobile app to select the games they want to work, taking control of their own work schedules for the first time.



Instant online payment

Using Silbo’s digital payment platform, referees automatically bill admins at the end of every game. Admins don't need to worry, payment is automatically sent, online and on-time through direct deposit. All information is tracked and auditable.


Feedback & Records

Referees send feedback directly after a game is completed through the Silbo mobile app. Giving administrators and refs a more granular view on each game.


Ready to get Started? We are!

RefXchange. How Silbo automates sports officiating

RefXchange™ is Silbo's revolutionary managed marketplace for sports officials. The first of its kind, the RefXchange™ digitally connects game providers with sports officials and automates referee management like never before.

Silbo handles all the payments and payment processing from direct deposits to tax forms.

Officials are instantly notified of any game changes, cancellations, or rainouts through the Go Silbo™ mobile app.

Silbo provides leagues access to a larger network of qualified officials, so they see more new faces and fewer unfilled assignments.

With the Go Silbo™ mobile app, officials can track all of the games they work and payments they receive.

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