West Raleigh Exchange Club, an elite baseball league whose teams have won 3 Ripken World Series in the last decade, sought a way to track and pay umpires without writing and mailing paper checks every two weeks. By adding their games to the Silbo platform, West Raleigh automatically and securely paid umpires upon the completion of their assignments. At the end of the season, the Silbo platform processed and mailed 1099s to each of our sports officials, taking the burden off of leagues like West Raleigh.

League Efficency

Reduced cost & workload on league administrators, saving an average of 15 hours per week.

RefXchange tracking

83 mins Avg time to fill a game released on the market.

Parental Happiness

Reduction of over 20% in officiating related issues.

Missed Assignments


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Silbo is a little different than what many people are used to but I went with it because you are going to get a more motivated official when they have a say in when and where they work.