Triple Crown Sports is a national, amateur athletics tournament and athletic experience provider. With hundreds of games played at its 300 tournaments, Triple Crown needed a simpler solution for paying their officials. Rather than use a pen-and-paper approach, Triple Crown used Silbo for its Fall Championships in Florida. The umpires checked in and out of Triple Crown’s games on the mobile app, which automatically created a charge from Triple Crown to the individual umpires.

The game fees were paid out to officials’ bank accounts that week. (Silbo now posts payments weekly on Thursdays.) No checks were written and the tournament administrators no longer needed to count up the games an umpire worked and the corresponding wages before paying them. Through Silbo, Triple Crown and its umpire-in-chief were able to focus on the quality of their players’ baseball experience rather than worry about the administrative hassle that comes with processing payment and checks.

League Efficency

Reduced cost & workload on league administrators, saving an average of 8 hours per week.

RefXchange tracking

9 mins Avg time to fill a game released on the market.

Parental Happiness

Reduction of over 45% in officiating related issues.

Missed Assignments


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The Silbo teams work ethic, high level thinking, and values are right in line with Triple Crown Sports. Their story reads like a novel.