Pro5 is an elite, year-round baseball development program that prepares players for success in college and/or professional baseball. As such, Pro5 requires equally-elite umpires for its games. Unfortunately, Pro5 only had access to a small pool of umpires, meaning players saw little variation and were not best prepared for working with new umpires in their college and professional careers.

Silbo, meanwhile, had a large database of qualified umpires available to officiate Pro5’s games. By putting its games on the Silbo platform, Pro5 accessed a larger pool of elite umpires. Pro5’s games were not only filled more quickly and painlessly than before, but the players were also better prepared for adapting to new umpires after their time at the academy.

League Efficency

Reduced cost & workload on league administrators, saving an average of 7 hours per week.

RefXchange tracking

66 mins Avg time to fill a game released on the market.

Parental Happiness

Reduction of over 18% in officiating related issues.

Missed Assignments


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I used to spend hours on coordinating umpires for our events. With Silbo I get it done in minutes from my laptop.