North Wake County Baseball Association, a local baseball and softball league that balances a competitive environment with the opportunity for players to participate year-round, needed access to a greater pool of umpires to fill their games. Without enough umpires, North Wake may be forced to cancel games for their 1,000 players.

Silbo offered North Wake access to its extensive database of qualified sports officials. Silbo’s RefXchange™ Marketplace filled over 300 assignments for North Wake in games ranging anywhere from 8u to 14u. All payments were processed automatically and electronically with Silbo, saving North Wake’s administrators the cost — and invaluable time! — of managing scorebooks, tallying games, and writing checks

League Efficency

Reduced cost & workload on league administrators, saving an average of 20 hours per week.

RefXchange tracking

48 mins Avg time to fill a game released on the market.

Parental Happiness

Reduction of over 85% in officiating related issues.

Missed Assignments


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