The Carolina-Virginia Collegiate League, a premier a wood bat, summer baseball league with teams in Virginia and North Carolina, struggled to find top-tier umpires for its games in both states. Managing multiple booking agents across multiple cities drew the league’s attention away from high-quality baseball and family-friendly entertainment. Without umpires available, games had to be canceled.

By opening their games to Silbo and its sports official database, the CVCL filled most of its games within 48 hours. Moreover, the RefXchange™ Marketplace alleviated the hassle of dealing with multiple booking agents when it came time to pay the umpires. Rather than write checks to umpires or settle up with the agents, the CVCL automatically paid umpires electronically via direct deposit after every game. Silbo not only solved the immediate need of the CVCL — sourcing umpires — but alleviated the administrators’ headaches at the same time.

League Efficency

Reduced cost & workload on league administrators, saving an average of 10 hours per week.

RefXchange tracking

27 mins Avg time to fill a game released on the market.

Parental Happiness

Reduction of 42% in officiating related issues.

Missed Assignments


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We run a highly competitive collegiate summer baseball league. We had a few problems with local umpires being able to keep up with the speed of the game. We contacted Silbo and umpires with college experience were at our games for the rest of the season.